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Scheduling FAQs

What is videoconferencing?

Videoconferencing is an interactive tool that combines the use of video, computing and communications technologies to allow people in different locations to meet face-to-face to conduct a conference. Videoconferencing allows students, faculty and staff to communicate with one another while staying close to their home campus.

What is a point-to-point conference?

A point-to-point conference involves only two sites. Normally bridging connection service is not necessary between the two sites. An IP address or alias name is necessary to dial the other site. Schedule this type of event with the IVN scheduler to avoid room scheduling conflicts.

What is a multi-point conference?

A multi-point conference involves three or more sites and this requires bridging.
Multi-point connections within a single consortium can be arranged with the consortium scheduler. Multi-point events involving sites outside an existing consortium will require bridging and the scheduling services of IVN.

What sites in the state are available?

A complete listing of sites can be found on the ALT website under Site Directory.

Rooms are classified as IVN Public Room, IVN Local Room, and IVN Private Room.
IVN Public Rooms are available to use for events once classes are scheduled. Contact the room or site contact for permission to use an IVN Local Room. IVN Private Rooms are not available for other groups to use. They are only available for the room owner. For more information on IVN Room Identification, click here.

Click here for a listing of IVN Public Rooms

How many sites can I connect to?

The maximum number is 12 including the host site.

Will I be able to make out of state connections?

Prior to scheduling an out-of-state event, testing must be completed on the other site(s) equipment. For information on testing, click here.

Who do I contact to schedule an event?

Contact your consortium scheduler if your site belongs to a consortium.
For a list of consortium schedulers, click here.

Contact the IVN scheduler at or call 701-777-6486 and press 2 for videoconference scheduling if you are a state government or other government agency or a non-profit group that wishes to use an IVN Public Room.

Do all the rooms have the same meeting capacity?

Each room across the state has different capacities. Some rooms are set up explicitly for meetings and others are set up for classrooms. You can find this information on the Site Directory under each particular site. Use your judgment to determine which room will suit your audience needs. Do not overload a room as facilities need to meet fire code standards.

What days and times are available to hold meetings/events?

Each site sets its own time for availability. IVN Public Rooms are available Monday – Saturday, from 8 am to 10 pm. K-12 schools usually do not allow events to be
scheduled during the day. Remember classes take priority !

Are there specific times meetings/events must be scheduled?

Meetings at higher education sites start on the hour and end 10 minutes before the hour in order to coincide with the class schedule. Other sites and consortiums determine their own procedure for scheduling times.

Can I schedule a monthly meeting for a year?

Classes take priority and are scheduled first for each semester. Refer to the current scheduling calendar to provide you with information on when other events can be scheduled.

What if I need to schedule a meeting on short notice?

The person requesting the event must contact the IVN Site Coordinators at each of the higher education sites to approve the arrangements.

The rooms are scheduled for a variety of events and this assists in the reservation process.

Will I receive an event confirmation?

Confirmations will be sent to all higher education sites involved. Confirmations are also sent to the person requesting the event. It is the responsibility of the person requesting the event to notify all non-higher education sites involved as well as the participants to the meeting date, time and location. Refer to the reservation number on your confirmation when making any changes.

Can I make changes or cancel an event if I need to?

Changes or cancellations should be made no less than two business days before the date of the event. This allows time for the facilitator to notify the participants of any changes once they have been made.

How do I make changes?

Here are a few simple steps to follow:
1. All changes or cancellations should go through the meeting facilitator/host site.
2. The facilitator will then contact the host site coordinator to request the change.
3. The site coordinator forwards the change to the IVN scheduler. ONLY the host
site can request changes or send in a change form.
4. Changes to the event are then made by your consortium scheduler or the IVN scheduler.
5. Confirmation of the change from the consortium scheduler/IVN scheduler will be sent to the host site requesting the change and any sites affected by the change. Example: All sites will be notified if a date or time change is made. If a site is added or dropped, the host site receives the confirmation along with the site affected.
6. The site coordinator forwards the change confirmation to the meeting
7. The meeting facilitator contacts the participants of any changes –date, time, or locations.

As the meeting facilitator it is YOUR responsibility to notify your site coordinator at the host site if the meeting has been canceled or changed so he/she can contact the IVN scheduler. Failure to do so may result in unnecessary event charges.

Can the event be recorded?

If you wish to have the event recorded, you can either have it videotaped or streamed.

Will I be billed for the event?

You may be charged for using the system and/or technician fees. If you are being billed for the event, you will receive a preliminary billing confirmation outlining your charges.

Will there be a technician in the room to assist with the event?

For higher education credit classes, a technician will be available in the room at the host site. Technicians will monitor the rooms at the receiving sites.

For NDUS meetings if you wish to tech your own event, contact your campus site coordinator as training prior to using the room is required. Technicians can be provided for NDUS meetings upon request. There will be a fee of $10/hour/site.

For other groups, if you wish to have a technician present at all times, charges will apply.

For additional information on videoconferencing in North Dakota, check out the ALT Website.

For any questions on scheduling, call the IVN Help Desk at 701-777-6486, option #2.