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Scheduling Policies

Scheduling an IVN Public Room
Classes take priority over any other type of event. Requests for meetings, workshops or other educational events can be scheduled after classes are scheduled on the college/university campuses.

Requests from NDUS personnel, state government, K-12 or non-profit groups will be accepted according to the following time line.

Request for January 1- April 30 Will be accepted after November 6
Requests May 1 - August 15 Will be accepted after February 26
Requests for August 16- December 31 Will accepted after April 5

Guidelines for Scheduling an IVN Public Room
Here are the guidelines to follow when scheduling an event with the IVN Scheduler or using a public IVN room located on any ND University System campus:

  • Deadline for scheduling: minimum of 2 business days prior to the event.
  • A schedule request form or change form must be submitted to the IVN Scheduler for all event requests, changes, or cancellations. Phone requests will not be accepted.
  • Events in IVN Public Rooms will start at the top of the hour and end 10 minutes before the hour. A 10 minute window between events is required. Other time periods may be allowed if available.
  • Deadline changes or cancellations: minimum of 2 business days prior to the event. Changes made within those two business days cannot be guaranteed and will be accommodated on a best effort basis.
  • Requests (except for credit classes) will be scheduled within 2 business days and a confirmation is sent to the person requesting the event.
  • Number of sites within a connection: 6-7 is recommended for quality of interaction, 12 is the maximum number of sites for an event.

Confirmations for events scheduled with IVN will be e-mailed to the person requesting the event. The person requesting the event should then notify the other sites involved.

Any questions regarding scheduling can be directed to the IVN Help Desk at 701-777-6486, option #2 or e-mail IVN Scheduling.

Before scheduling a room for your event we offer these suggestions:

  1. Planning - includes a checklist and other details to consider when planning your event.
  2. NDUS event- Initial contact for classes, meetings, or workshops should be the campus IVN site coordinator who can assist with plans and details.
  3. State agency or non-profit groups who wish to use an IVN Public Room should contact the IVN Scheduler at 701-777-6486, option #2 or e-mail IVN Scheduling.
  4. A direct link to the proper forms can be found on the IVN home page.

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